Hydro Testing Machine
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Hydro Testing Machine

“JAROS” offers Hydrostatic Pressure Testing machine for testing pipes. These testing machines are manufactured by electric resistance welding (ERW) and drawn with seamless pipes which are manufactured by using the submerged arc welding (SAW) process. Also, this set-up compels globally recognized pipes and tubes testing benchmarks. Further, it supports standards which include those of SAE,API, ASTM, AWWA, and various other DIN standards, that cover the pipe and tube range from ½” OD 36″ and above with length around 6 meters to 20 meters.

The hydro-testing circuit comprises of an exclusively designed hydro-pressure circuit. These circuits are built of pressures holding valve, high-pressure plunger pump, and low-pressure high volume water filling system. They further include hydraulic / pneumatically operated actuator for air vent, pressure regulation, and safety systems.

Thus, the pipe and tube sealing can be U type seals / End or face sealing / I.D. sealing as well as Flanged sealing depending on application equipment.

Essential Features of Hydro Testing Machine
  • Strongly designed steel fabricated body for the larger diameter of tube and pipe machine
  • Offers 3 to 4 tension beam structure to withstand static load while the hydro-testing process
  • Firm headstock for front-end and trolley type movable tailstock unit
  • Headstocks, to and from movement controlled with electrical sensors for pipe end sealing
  • Safety guards for test heads and hydraulic or pneumatically operated tube clamping unit
  • Swift changeable tooling with no difficulty catering to a range of outer diameters
  • Length setting for tubes can be set by fast adjustable trolley with a moveable tailstock head
  • Enablement of tube/pipe resting, transferring, ejecting and collecting system
  • Can be operated through both auto and manual modes of operations
Additional Features of the Machine
  • Inclusive automatic tube transfer process controlled by PLC, HMI or full-fledged SCADA
  • Pressure sensing and transmission is controlled by electronic pressure transmitter systems
  • Automated tube handling, graph recorder, paperless graph recorder, and data printing
  • Automated testing and rejection of tested tube storage done through computerized systems
  • Units can be added for before testing water flush for cleaning and tilt-type water draining
  • Tube OD/ID cleaning system prior to hydro test
  • Complete isolation of the machine for additional safety
Hydro Static Pressure Testing Machine [JME/HPT SERIES]
Model No.Max. OD in mm StandardMin. OD in mm StandardMax. Pressure in (PSI) StandardMin Length Standard
HPT 6060660006
HPT 1201203060006
HPT 23023010060006
HPT 36036020060006
HPT 62062030060006

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