Draw Bench Machine
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Draw Bench Machine

“JAROS” provides draw bench for pulling load which possesses capacity up to 125 tons. Draw benches are obtainable in single or double chain pulling types, with single, double or triple tube loading selection.

The pulling load is functional to the geometric center of the tube with the point breaking, which is virtually eliminated. Meanwhile, the high-speed return trolley with parallel tube loading system minimizes the idle time used for loading.

These machines are designed to sustain the requisite load. Besides, the drive is done either through A.C. motor with changeable frequency arrangement or though D.C. motor with thyristor controlled, which is used for speed control. Further, the set-up is coupled to a helical gearbox and main drawing shaft either directly or to the pinion of bull gear. This arrangement, in turn, revolves sprocket wheel and transmits power to draw.

At length, the draw bench is offered with inclusive automatic tube handling solutions, semi-automatic type tube handling solution and with manual type tube handling choice.

Key Features of Draw Bench Machine
  • The main shaft is mounted in the bearings
  • Gear coupling connects drive elements such as shaft, gearbox shaft, and motor shaft
  • The main chain, hook, and sprocket are hardened
  • Idler drum is utilized for chain tensioning
  • Trolley return is managed by wire rope, pulley arrangement or sprocket driven roller chain
  • Spherical die holder comes with four points levelling unit
Accessible Preferences of Machine
  • Comes with automatic tube loading stand
  • Pinch roller tube guiding or trolley type tube push settings are used for tube loading
  • Double/Triple tube charging are utilized by rotary drum operated by hydraulic system
  • Pneumatic tube gripping arrangement is applied
  • Pneumatically operated hook engagement is enabled to chain
  • Pneumatically operated and PLC controlled arm is used for tube discharging
Model No.Pulling CapacityInput Length/ meter (Standard) Out-put Length/ meter (Standard) Drawing Speed
J-DBM 2020 Ton81026 mtr/min
J-DBM 3030 Ton81026 mtr/min
J-DBM 4040 Ton81026 mtr/min
J-DBM 6060 Ton81020mtr/min
J-DBM 8080 Ton81018mtr/min
J-DBM 100100 Ton81018mtr/min
J-DBM 125125 Ton81015mtr/min

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