U Tube Hydro Testing Machine
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U Tube Hydro Testing Machine

“JAROS” provides Hydro testing machine to test U-Bend tubes. This set-up includes abrasive circular disk / TC tube cutter for tube end extra leg length cutting for U bend tubes. With this arrangement, the machine is designed for cutting both end side concurrently with pneumatic clamping system and cutting stroke tuning. It is used in measuring and a fine setting for cutting leg length with a precision of +/- 2 mm.

The hydro-testing unit comprises of S.S. fabricated radius gage block which has a built-in indicator and setting tools to accommodate U bend of minimum 1.5 d radius. Further, this set-up is utilized for inspecting the radius, and clamping is enabled to prevent any deformation while Hydro testing process.

Significant Features of U Tube Hydro Testing Machine
  • Designed to fulfill the testing parameter set by assorted industrial principles
  • Hydraulic tube clamping system and mechanical clamp to acquire radius setting
  • Built-in indicators to set-up testing head to include tubes end for testing procedures
  • Motorized sliding arrangement for a testing head with the assistance of L M Rail & Ball screw
  • Operating panel with HMI and data acquisition with SCADA PC System along with printing facilities
  • Length adjusting arrangement for testing diverse leg length of the U bend tubes
  • Observation glass tube for supporting the functions of air removal and air release.

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