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Swaging Machine

“JAROS” offers a swaging machine for tube pointing. The ideal size and shape of the swaged end of tubes lead to the accurate drawing of the tube. By the way, swaging is a forming process in which metal is built by a brisk succession of hammer blows. It is a chip-less forming method which boosts the grain structure and strength of the material. Further, it elongates the point which reduces the overall metal loss. On the other hand, the rotary swaging is the most economical method used for pointing relatively smaller diameter tubes. Hence, this is applicable in the metal tube manufacturing industries for drawing tubes, rods as well as wires.

We principally provide two types of rotary swaging machine for tube pointing

  • Two jaw type rotary swaging machine: up to 30 mm OD tube
  • Two jaw type rotary swaging machine: up to 30 mm OD tube

The central structure of the machine is compact and comes with sturdy construction. Meanwhile, the main body of the machine and flywheel are manufactured from steel cast and spindle is made from forged steel. Subsequently, the main spindle is driven by an electric motor coupled to a flywheel.

The hammer block and dies are mounted on the spindle, with the unification of the rotary and gravity principles. As a result, this arrangement helps in creating the standard and accurate stroke of dies to the tubes. Finally, the dies are perfectly tapered to pull in the tubes to trim down manual efforts.

Swaging Machine [JME/SW SERIES]
Sr. no Min Dia mm Min Dia mm Max. wall thk mm Motor H.P.
SW 10 2 12 1 1
SW 12 3 16 1.2 1.5
SW 20 4.5 22 1.6 3
SW 25 6 30 3 5
SW 30 7 35 3.5 7.5
SW 50 9 52 5 10
SW 60 12 65 7 10
SW 70 16 75 8 20
SW 80 25 90 9 25

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