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Strip Straightening Machine

Jaros offers a range of section straightening machine
a) 11 roller type strip straightening machine
b) Hydraulically operated section de-twisting & stretch straightening machine
c) Reciprocating strip de-camparing machine (RSDM)

Jaros offers 9 roll type of strip straightening machine best used for Copper, Aluminium and steel pancake coils or strips with additional options for pinch roll unit and automatic cut to length system. The pinch roll unit guides the strips into the machine and straightened. The automatic cut-to-length feature enables to cut the straightened strips into desired length. Cutting can opted in two ways   1. Hydraulic Shear cut 2. Circular disk cut.

The function of strip straightening works like a benchmarked rotary straightening process. However, the rollers of our machine are designed precisely. Further, they stay in contact with the strips, in both width, and thickness wise during the straightening procedure.

The modernized and robust construction of our machines offers a higher level of resistance as well as stability. Meanwhile, the rollers of the device are shaped as upper rollers and bottom rollers. By fine-tuning the horizontal and vertical movement of the roller, it is effortless to operate the machine for diverse sizes of the strips.

The machine is explicitly driven by an electric motor connected with the gearbox pinion through pulley and v belt, operating with all bottom rollers.

Essential Features of Strip Straightening Machine

  • Diverse sizes of the strips are straighten in a single machine
  • Enables swiftness of strip straightening
  • Corner is finished in the machine during straightening

Hydraulic Operated Section De-Twisting and Stretch Straightening Machine

In this machine straightening of the section is executed through hydraulic stretching which grips the trip at both ends. Meanwhile, this procedure is enabled with the gripping unit of the machine and by the hydraulic twisting of the section.

Section De-Twisting and Stretch Straightening Machine

Max Width in mm 250 mm
Max thickness in mm 20 mm
Max length in mtr. 6 mts.

Reciprocating Strip De-Campering Machine (RSDM)

The function of the machine is to straighten the sections with more thickness. Further, the key benefit of this particular machine is the equal and precise reciprocating pressure force, which leads to reducing the workforce and boost productivity. By the time, the hammering stroke can be straightforwardly adjusted for the diverse size of sections.

Max width in mm 300 mm
Min width in mm 100 mm
Max thickness in mm 20 mm
Min thickness in mm 6 mts.
Section Straightening Machine [JME/SSM SERIES]
Model No. Max.width in mm Min.width in mm Max.thk. mm Min. thk. mm
SSM 30 30 10 5 1
SSM 50 50 20 10 2
SSM 100 100 50 20 5

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