Hydraulic Push Pointing Machine
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Hydraulic Push Pointing Machine

“JAROS” offers hydraulically operated push pointing machine making easy the complex 2 or 3 die pointing solutions. The machine comes with automated tube handling system used for loading and unloading the tube.

We make sure that push pointing machines are used effectively in both the ferrous and non-ferrous industries. With this set-up, the machine is used to accommodate tube reduced, welded, seamless and previously drawn tubes. All pointing operations are part of the cold process.

A mixture of tube push pointing designs comes with pushing capacities ranging from 5 MT to 125 MT. Meanwhile, the capacity allotted comprises tube sizes from 12 mm to 180 mm O.D and wall thickness strings up to a maximum of 18 mm. Further, the units are delivered with linear indexing mechanism, and an “In-Line” design to accommodate 2 or 3 dies in sequence to go well with the pointing needs.

Hydraulic Push Pointing Machine [JME/SW SERIES]
Model No. Capacity Stage Pointing Length (Standard)
HPP 40 40 Ton 2/3 Stage 200 mm
HPP 60 60 Ton 2/3 Stage 200 mm
HPP 80 80 Ton 2/3 Stage 200 mm
HPP 100 100 Ton 2/3 Stage 200 mm

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